Popular Kitchen Renovation Styles

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen from that dreary, god-awful workstation to a beautiful, inspiring, and functional section of your home, then getting some inspiration on some renovation styles of the modern world kitchens can help!

Renovations should be about getting in sync with the new age and having things look way better than before. While now, your kitchen may look like something to hide behind closed doors, you sure want to have your kitchen looking like paradise after your renovation.

Unique Design Kitchens
  1. Traditional Kitchens 

Do you want your kitchen to always remind you of the good old days? Then this might be the perfect choice for you. Traditional kitchens are a great way to reconnect with our heritage and the things that hold the most meanings to us. 

They feature an intricate weave of architectural details that include moldings, arches, and smooth beam finishes with furniture-style storage systems and cabinets. The cabinets are often glazed to sell the effects of something essentially so quaint and old. 

  1. Cottage Kitchens 

If traditional kitchens don’t sound just right to you, then perhaps a cottage kitchen space will strike that nostalgic chord for you. Cottage kitchens shine with happy colors. 

These sunny and cozy backgrounds evoke a memory of those sweeter days. It incorporates vintage hardwood, beadboards, and warm-colored curtains. You can complete the look by bringing in other antiques. 

  1. Contemporary Kitchens 

As we move closer and closer to the present, we realize that your kitchen could look quite different when you touch it up with contemporary elements like induction cooktops and built-in coffee makers. It’s not just about functionality anymore. It’s about aesthetics, functionality, and style. 

Were you using a concrete surface before your renovation? You might want to switch to quartz now. Dealing with dull colors? How about try making your kitchen colors a lot warmer and more inviting?

  1. Modern Kitchens 

Sounding just like contemporary kitchens? Maybe, but the difference is clear. While contemporary kitchens flow with the stream of trends, modern kitchens specify a specific period in time- precisely, designs from the early and mid 20th century.

Modern kitchens bang with simple hardware, flat panel doors, and the almost surreal impression of frameless cabinets.

  1. Eclectic Kitchens 

Not a fan of the old or modern world? Then you could create a world of your own. You could opt to recreate a look from your favorite fiction stories, or you could leave it at unusual but satisfying upgrades at various ends in your kitchen. As long as it’s functional, to your taste, and not too ‘weird’ to strangers, it’s good to go.

  1. Smart Kitchens 

Now, whichever style you choose, you want to incorporate the technological advances of the modern world. 

Isn’t it super stressful having to open your refrigerator by yourself? Okay, maybe not that stressful, but you get the point. Things can be better! You can make the best of modern age technology to make the kitchen workspace more beautiful, and most importantly, functional. You may not be able to rebuild your kitchen from scratch, but you can include sensors to your faucets, lighting, cabinets, and fridges for much smoother processes.

How does this make your work easier? Let’s see. Faucets with added motion sensors will detect your hands underneath and have water flowing over them in no time. Smart fridges and refrigerators can alert you when your groceries are running low, so you’d know how to plan your next trip to the supermarket. The lights can come off when you walk into the kitchen and go off when you go out. Or better still, you can control how it works from the comfort of your smartphone. How cool is that? 

Whether it’s a cottage feel, a traditional feel, a contemporary, or a modern feel you’re trying to achieve, a renovation or remodel will always do more to bring your kitchen to greater life.

If you are wanting to take on one of the above styles, it’s important to get professional advice. For effective renovation specialists for either your kitchen or bathroom you can trust Unique Design Kitchens to get the job done every time. 

They have a strong reputation in the Brisbane area, so if you’re nearby, they’re worth reaching out too. If not, it’s best to find a specialist local to you that has the skills and ideas to bring whatever style you’ve decided on into your home!